While you’re out car shopping, you probably have a couple of things on your mind like wants and needs in a car. These things usually include: fuel efficiency, seating capacity, safety features and more. If you’re looking for a used car with these factors in mind, there is something else you should think about too! When shopping for a used car in Cortland, you should think about the age of the car. How old is too old?

What is the cutoff age for buying a used car?

Used car shopping tips

It’s more reassuring to buy a brand new car from this year, but sometimes it’s not always in the budget for a new car. Buying a Cortland used car isn’t unsafe, but the older the car is the more likely it is to need auto repairs sooner. While there isn’t an exact age for a car, you shouldn’t buy an older pre-owned car if it will not be what you need or it will cost you more in repairs than you paid for it. If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car in Cortland that’s up there in age, make sure you consider these factors before buying:


As a car ages, it tends to become less reliable as parts and components wear out or malfunction. When you purchase a car, you need a vehicle that will be reliable and will get you where you need to go. If you purchase a used vehicle that is aged, make sure it will be reliable enough to not leave you stranded. If the car has FACTORY WARRANTY left.

Toyota of Clermont


Ask the seller for carfax records. To make sure the car has been maintained well, check the service records for routine car maintenance. Check the CARFAX REPORT for any accidents or previous damage. A car that hasn’t been neglected when it comes to years of auto service, is more likely to last longer and be more reliable for you.


Often times, manufacturers discontinue a model of car. Fortunately, when they cancel the manufacturing of a car, they continue to make parts for it for years afterwards. If the Cortland used car you’re thinking about purchasing has been discontinued for a number of years it may prove difficult to find manufacturer parts for it.

Safety and Technology

Safety and convenience features in vehicles get updated and improved every year. If you’re looking at an older used car in Cortland, it may not have all of the high tech features you need like MP3 playing or wireless phone capabilities. Safety systems are always being upgraded to keep the driver and passengers safe. If you want the latest and greatest when it comes to entertainment and safety features, you may want to purchase a newer used vehicle.

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