We all know that feeling of dread when the check engine light illuminates and we’re left wondering exactly what the problem could be. More importantly, we both want and don’t want to know how much the repair will cost.

When it comes to that troublesome light and your need for local auto repair, here is a list of the top ten repairs, the potential reasons behind that flashing light.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

This is the most common check engine light repair, averaging approximately eight percent of repairs annually, and results from internal leaks, burning oil, or operating your vehicle with gas that contains more ethanol. A failed oxygen sensor can really cost you, compromising your fuel efficiency by up to forty percent. On average, it costs about $260 to repair one of these.

Loose Fuel Cap

If you have a loose fuel cap, the check engine light will likely flash on because gas is evaporating from your tank. You can remedy this by either tightening or replacing the cap, which will only cost you a couple of bucks.

Compromised Catalytic Converter

This kind of repair signals a need for other repairs. It’s like the canary sent down the mineshaft. Of all the repairs you might be faced with, this is the most costly, averaging about $1,200, due to the precious metals that compose a catalytic converter.

Broken Spark Plugs and Wires

If these components break or are otherwise faulty, the engine has the potential to misfire, compromising fuel economy. The cost of replacing these parts runs about $350, and failure to replace them can cause damage to your engine’s catalytic converter, which we’ve identified as the most expensive component to fix.

Messed Up Mass Air Flow Sensor

This can also negatively impact your fuel efficiency, reducing it from anywhere between ten and twenty-five percent because the mass air flow sensor measures the air inside the engine and determines how much fuel needs to be injected. Average cost to repair this part runs about $420.

Failed Ignition Coil(s)

These also pose a threat to your engine’s catalytic converter, and so it’s important to pay attention to their condition. Errors with the ignition coils’ action can result from high temperatures and age of the engine. It will cost you about $250 to replace or repair these coils.

Double Trouble: Failed Ignition Coils and Spark Plugs

If your spark plugs are faulty, you run the risk of damaging your engine’s ignition coils, which will cost you about $420 to repair. Keep an eye on your spark plugs so you don’t incur additional repair costs.

Busted Battery or Compromised Charging System

Today’s vehicles are increasingly computer and tech-savvy, which means that you’ll get some advanced notice of any battery or charging system issues. As a general rule, car batteries need to be replaced approximately every three years; however, consider your climate. Extreme temperatures can quickly challenge your batteries, shortening their overall lifespan. Estimates for these repairs top just over $100.

Broken Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

When your exhaust gas recirculation or EGR valve breaks, your vehicle might suffer from engine issues like misfires, which can result in lackluster performance, decreased fuel efficiency, and difficulty passing required emissions testing. Repairing the EGR valve will set you back about $350 on average.

Leaky Vacuum Hose(s)

Typically, when there is a leaky or crack in your vehicle’s hoses, it’s the result of repetitive heating and cooling over time. This repair will generally cost approximately $120. Keep a close eye on your check engine light and get yourself to a trusted auto mechanic at the first sign of trouble in order to address the problem and avoid additional repair costs.

Preventative maintenance is the first step to keeping your car running properly, but quick action in response to a problem is a close second.

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