The holidays are here and while we don’t see much snow here yet, we know a lot of drivers will be hitting the highways over the next few months to visit family and friends and spread holiday cheer. Are you heading out of town into climates that might see snowier weather? We have a little refresher course for you to ensure you’re ready… check out our Action Auto tips for driving in snow like a pro!

Toyota of Orlando tips

Prepare your car for driving in snow!

Cold weather can take a toll on your Action Auto car, so before you head out to the highway you should ensure it’s been properly prepared for driving in snow. This means paying our Action Auto Service Center a visit for car maintenance like:

  • Tire rotation, balance, inflation, and if need be, replacement
  • An oil change
  • A fluids check – make sure the fluids under the hood can handle colder temps!
  • New windshield wipers
  • A headlight check and possible adjustment
  • Brake service – you want full stopping power on your side in slippery snow!

After you’ve hit up our Cortland auto service center, you’re ready to pack up and take to the highway!

Action Auto in Cortland has tips for snowy winter driving!

driving in snow

So, what’s different about driving in snow? For starters, it’s more slippery. You’ll have less traction, which means less control over your car and less stopping power. It also may be darker (due to Daylight Saving Time) and harder to see, as snow is precipitation. We’ve got some tips – check them out!

  • Use your headlights and your wipers when you’re driving in snow! Your wipers will keep the windshield of your new car clear, and your headlights will give you better visibility AND let other drivers see you better.
  • Slow down! In order to have better control over your new car from Action Auto, drop your speed a notch. This is especially true when turning – you don’t want your back wheels to slide out, so slow your speed and take turns carefully. Slow and steady wins the race when it’s snowing!
  • Leave more room to stop. You don’t want to slam on your brakes when driving in snow; it can cause you to skid and lose control. You’ll also need extra space to come to a safe stop, so pay attention to stoplights and stop signs and also refrain from driving too close to the car in front of you!
  • If you feel yourself start to slide, DO NOT slam on your brakes! If you drive a manual car, shift into a lower gear to drop your speed. Otherwise, try to steer straight and remember not to jerk the wheel, as this can worsen your sliding out. You can gently tap your brakes if you really need to slow down!

Want more tips for your holiday drive time, or need to prep your car for highway travel? Come on in and see us – we’re located just off I-81 near Suny Cortland at 3899 State Route 281.

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