We know New York can get very cold, and December is upon us! December is also a very popular month to vacation and travel to celebrate the holidays. Our Cortland Action Auto Service Center wants to make sure you’re ready and prepped for the cold! That’s why we want to share some tips and tricks to help get your car through the freezing temperatures. Check it out!


If you haven’t taken your car in for service recently, then the time to do so is now! That small issue you may have now will magnify once the cold weather hits! Schedule an appointment at our Action Auto Service Center in Cortland and get out of here in no time. Have one of our Certified Service Technicians in Cortland inspect your car to ensure its in tip-top shape! Here are some of the auto services they can do for winter prep: 

  • Tires – Check the thread and pressure to ensure your tires have enough traction when driving. 
  • Battery – Make sure it’s fully charged! You don’t want to get stuck with a dead car in the cold.
  • Oil – Is it time for an oil change? Get your oil changed to avoid engine complications.
  • Brakes – Test and check the pads, belts and fluids for a safe road trip

Our Cortland Action Auto Service team knows that New Yorkers are used to snow, but it can be tricky! So check out these tricks and hacks you can use to ensure your car is protected during snow:

  • Prevent frozen wipers – Raise and place socks over your wipers. This will prevent the blades from freezing on your window.
  • Melt frozen door handles – Use hand sanitizer to defrost the door handles. The alcohol in it helps melt the ice away.
  • Prevent frozen side mirrors – Place a plastic bag over the side mirrors and seal it with rubber bands. It’ll help keep your side mirrors from freezing.

If you have any more questions or would like to make an appointment with our Cortland Action Auto Service Center feel free to call us at (607) 758-7506.