Travel is almost always a part of the holidays – whether you’re taking your car across town or across the country to celebrate this holiday season, you need to do it safely! Often you’ll find yourself with a car full of family, friends, and pets, so we’re here to talk more about how to keep them safe out on the roads. Check out our Action Auto safe driving tips for pets and family!

We’ve got Cortland safe driving tips for your tiny passengers and four-legged friends!

safe driving tips

The first thing to remember is that yes, you’re heading for a fun and exciting destination. However, it’s important to be vigilant and use your defensive driving skills while you’re behind the wheel of your usedcar from Action Auto! The holidays mean more traffic out on the roads and possible winter weather, both of which can make it more dangerous to drive. Do away with distractions, make sure everyone is buckled up, and stay focused on the road at all time! Here are some more Cortland New York safe driving tips to see you through it!

  • Make sure everyone in the cabin of your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt, and make sure any carseats in the back are properly installed AND the right fit for your child. This is a huge part of safe driving, as an improperly installed carseat can have devastating consequences. If you have doubts, take your vehicle down to your local fire station or police station to have them check things out for you.

Buckle up your friends, family, AND pets for maximum safe driving!

  • Babyproof your car if you’re going to be taking smaller passengers along this holiday season! This means ensuring your child locks are on (so no curious passengers can open doors or windows without your permission), and that the backseat is clear of anything that could be considered dangerous (like small objects that can be choking hazards or anything sharp). 

Orlando Toyota pet safety tips

  • Another safe driving tip for holiday travels is to ensure your four-legged friends are comfortable. It’s best to crate your pets if you’re taking them in the car; this will make them feel more secure, and it’ll also keep them contained in the case of an accident. If nothing else, use a pet harness crafted for the car to keep them secure! You should also make sure they’re comfortable – provide them with blankets and toys to make them feel at home, and don’t forget to bring along water and snacks for them. Also, plan rest stops to let them stretch their legs and go to the bathroom, just like you would for humans!

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