Have you been out on the roads lately? You’ll probably notice that traffic is significantly worse, especially at nights and on the weekends. Not only are people out getting their holiday shopping taken care of, they’re also out enjoying the festivities of the season! It’s important to be especially careful when taking your Cortland used car out on the road this time of the year, and we have tips to help you do just that. Handle your used car like a pro despite the rush on the roads this holiday season!

used car driving tips

Change your driving habits this holiday season! 

How should you alter your driving habits to  better handle congested roads and holiday traffic? Here are our top Action Auto tips!

Use defensive driving. This means taking proactive steps to prevent an accident in your Cortland used car, as opposed to just reacting when one is imminent. Use your turn signals to indicate your movements, follow the speed limit, and leave plenty of space in between your ride and other cars. You should also scan the road for possible problems, and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes in front of you at all times!

Check traffic before you leave the house! Do you have a plan of action for your time on the road? Use traffic reports to plot out the most efficient and least frustrating route to your final destination, and be sure to come up with an alternate route as well just in case your primary way gets clogged up. You might also have HD Radio in your Cortland used car – this technology can give you real-time traffic updates to ensure you get where you need to go as efficiently as possible!

Orlando Toyota Tips

Stay focused when behind the wheel of your Cortland used car 

Do away with distractions! Your sole focus should be on your Cortland used car and the road around you. Put away your cell phone; if you HAVE to take calls, use the Bluetooth wireless streaming that some of our used cars in Cortland have to offer you. You should also refrain from eating, fiddling with the radio, grooming, and anything else that takes your attention off your drive time. This applies to passengers, too – don’t let them distract you from the task at hand!

Make sure your used car is in good enough shape to take on the road! Nothing is more frustrating than being in traffic with a car that won’t function. Have our techs check your battery, tires, and brakes, as well as your heater and air conditioning system. You’ll also want to schedule your routine oil change – traffic means more time out on the road, so you’ll need to give your car the tools it needs to work overtime. Call our Action Auto Service Center in Cortland and schedule your appointment today; get a multi-point inspection to identify any other issues or problems that might be coming down the line!

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