Safe Ride Home on New Year's Eve in Naperville, IL

Safe Ride Home on New Year’s Eve in Cortland, NY

New Year’s Eve is a many people’s favorite time of the holiday season. It’s a great chance to get together with friends and family and reminisce over the out-going year and get ready for the new challenges facing us in the next one. For those that plan on celebrating extra hard on the last night of 2015, it is important to have a safe ride home on New Year’s Eve in Cortland, NY. At the very least a decision can be made who will be the designated driver if multiple venues are a part of the festivities. Action Auto in Cortland wants to make sure everyone has a safe and fun night.

Taxi companies in Cortland, NY

  • American Taxi
    4363 US Route 11, Cortland, NY (607) 753-3030
  • Cortland Taxi-Silver Star Taxi
    110 Owego St, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5460
  • Dave's Taxi
    110 Owego Street, Cortland, NY (607) 283-3068
  • Gerry's Taxi
    110 Owego Street, Cortland, NY (607) 591-3086
  • Gene's Taxi
    3989 Taylor Valley Road, Cincinnatus, NY (607) 745-7869
  • Jay's Taxi
    3960 US Route 11, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5152
  • Martin's Taxi
    141 Tompkins Street, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5460
  • Rockin Robbin Taxi
    31 Central Ave, Cortland, NY (607) 345-0089
  • Steve's Taxi
    Cortland, NY (607) 753-8294
Sober ride home in Naperville on New Years Eve
Cab companies to use for New Year's Eve

How do I call an Uber?

If your plans for New Year’s Eve plan to take you into Syracuse and you don’t want to pay for a hotel, you have the option to call an Uber ride. This service uses people with approved cars to come and pick you and your party up and bring you to where you need to go. The service offers various levels of luxury as well as the potential to have larger vehicles for larger groups.

Are you a first time Uber user?

  • Before you go out: Download the Uber application from the Apple App Store or Android Play. It may be helpful to fill out your credit card information at this point.
  • When you need to be picked up: Open the app and the GPS on the phone will give you are starting point. Then simply enter the address of your destination. At this point you will given an estimate of how much the ride will cost. You also have the option of electronically splitting the cost of the ride with other people in your party with the Uber app downloaded.

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