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Have a plan to get home safe on New Year’s Eve

Safe Ride Home on New Year's Eve in Naperville, IL

Safe Ride Home on New Year’s Eve in Cortland, NY

New Year’s Eve is a many people’s favorite time of the holiday season. It’s a great chance to get together with friends and family and reminisce over the out-going year and get ready for the new challenges facing us in the next one. For those that plan on celebrating extra hard on the last night of 2015, it is important to have a safe ride home on New Year’s Eve in Cortland, NY. At the very least a decision can be made who will be the designated driver if multiple venues are a part of the festivities. Action Auto in Cortland wants to make sure everyone has a safe and fun night.

Taxi companies in Cortland, NY

  • American Taxi
    4363 US Route 11, Cortland, NY (607) 753-3030
  • Cortland Taxi-Silver Star Taxi
    110 Owego St, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5460
  • Dave's Taxi
    110 Owego Street, Cortland, NY (607) 283-3068
  • Gerry's Taxi
    110 Owego Street, Cortland, NY (607) 591-3086
  • Gene's Taxi
    3989 Taylor Valley Road, Cincinnatus, NY (607) 745-7869
  • Jay's Taxi
    3960 US Route 11, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5152
  • Martin's Taxi
    141 Tompkins Street, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5460
  • Rockin Robbin Taxi
    31 Central Ave, Cortland, NY (607) 345-0089
  • Steve's Taxi
    Cortland, NY (607) 753-8294
Sober ride home in Naperville on New Years Eve
Cab companies to use for New Year's Eve

How do I call an Uber?

If your plans for New Year’s Eve plan to take you into Syracuse and you don’t want to pay for a hotel, you have the option to call an Uber ride. This service uses people with approved cars to come and pick you and your party up and bring you to where you need to go. The service offers various levels of luxury as well as the potential to have larger vehicles for larger groups.

Are you a first time Uber user?

  • Before you go out: Download the Uber application from the Apple App Store or Android Play. It may be helpful to fill out your credit card information at this point.
  • When you need to be picked up: Open the app and the GPS on the phone will give you are starting point. Then simply enter the address of your destination. At this point you will given an estimate of how much the ride will cost. You also have the option of electronically splitting the cost of the ride with other people in your party with the Uber app downloaded.

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Start the New Year with Cortland Car Maintenance!

Can you believe that 2016 starts on FRIDAY?! In your preparation for the New Year, don’t forget about your car! You can start 2016 on a strong note by making sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape! Our auto service center reminds you to take care of routine car maintenance in Cortland before the hustle and bustle of the New Year begins:


Affordable Brake Service

Working brakes are an important part of driving, so don’t leave their function up to chance! Let our expert techs take a look at your car’s brakes so we can determine what condition they’re in and if they need any repairs. 

Quick Oil Change

You can get this affordable car maintenance task taken care of at our Cortland Action Auto Service Center! Oil changes are important to keep up-to-date with, because fresh oil lubes up your engine to keep it running smoothly. Going too long without an oil change can cause severe damage to your car’s most crucial components, so be sure to get these done on a regular basis!

Car Battery Maintenance

Having your car battery checked is another important service to have done because it is the power source for your car! Take care of this Cortland car maintenance so you can check the health of the battery, have it recharged, or even have it replaced if needed!

Cheap Car Tires

Think of it this way: New Year, new tires! If your wheels are worn and beaten, we can switch them out for you so you can stay safe on the road.

Prep your vehicle for the 2016 with affordable car maintenance at Action Auto in Cortland! Just give us a call at (607) 758-7506 to schedule an appointment with our Action Auto Service Center, and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free drive into the New Year!

Handle your used car like a pro in holiday traffic

Have you been out on the roads lately? You’ll probably notice that traffic is significantly worse, especially at nights and on the weekends. Not only are people out getting their holiday shopping taken care of, they’re also out enjoying the festivities of the season! It’s important to be especially careful when taking your Cortland used car out on the road this time of the year, and we have tips to help you do just that. Handle your used car like a pro despite the rush on the roads this holiday season!

used car driving tips

Change your driving habits this holiday season! 

How should you alter your driving habits to  better handle congested roads and holiday traffic? Here are our top Action Auto tips!

Use defensive driving. This means taking proactive steps to prevent an accident in your Cortland used car, as opposed to just reacting when one is imminent. Use your turn signals to indicate your movements, follow the speed limit, and leave plenty of space in between your ride and other cars. You should also scan the road for possible problems, and keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes in front of you at all times!

Check traffic before you leave the house! Do you have a plan of action for your time on the road? Use traffic reports to plot out the most efficient and least frustrating route to your final destination, and be sure to come up with an alternate route as well just in case your primary way gets clogged up. You might also have HD Radio in your Cortland used car – this technology can give you real-time traffic updates to ensure you get where you need to go as efficiently as possible!

Orlando Toyota Tips

Stay focused when behind the wheel of your Cortland used car 

Do away with distractions! Your sole focus should be on your Cortland used car and the road around you. Put away your cell phone; if you HAVE to take calls, use the Bluetooth wireless streaming that some of our used cars in Cortland have to offer you. You should also refrain from eating, fiddling with the radio, grooming, and anything else that takes your attention off your drive time. This applies to passengers, too – don’t let them distract you from the task at hand!

Make sure your used car is in good enough shape to take on the road! Nothing is more frustrating than being in traffic with a car that won’t function. Have our techs check your battery, tires, and brakes, as well as your heater and air conditioning system. You’ll also want to schedule your routine oil change – traffic means more time out on the road, so you’ll need to give your car the tools it needs to work overtime. Call our Action Auto Service Center in Cortland and schedule your appointment today; get a multi-point inspection to identify any other issues or problems that might be coming down the line!

Ready to take on holiday traffic? Looking for a reliable used vehicle to do it in? Call us today at (607) 758-7506!

Does Brake Fluid Need to Be Changed


Changing brake fluid can be a slippery subject. Some manufacturers include it in their maintenance schedules and others don't.

Mercedes-Benz, for example, says brake fluid should be replaced every two years or 20,000 miles, and Volkswagen says that should be done on most of its models every two years regardless of mileage. Subaru recommends fresh brake fluid every 30,000 miles.

More Car Maintenance Coverage

On the other hand, most Chevrolets can go 150,000 miles or 10 years, according to Chevy's maintenance schedule, and many Ford, Chrysler and Toyota vehicles don't list brake fluid as a regular maintenance item.

Check your car's owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. You might also want to discuss the slippery subject of brake fluid with a trusted mechanic if the manufacturer doesn't give any guidance. Don't be surprised if a mechanic suggests replacing the brake fluid periodically, because mechanics probably have seen what can happen if you don't.

What can happen? Even though brake fluid dwells in a sealed system it still can absorb moisture over time, and that can lead to corrosion in the brake system. Moisture also lowers the boiling temperature of brake fluid, and that can reduce braking effectiveness in repeated hard stops.

If the manufacturer lists a 10-year interval or none at all for replacing brake fluid, how often should you have it done?

Every two or three years is probably too often, though if it helps you sleep at night, then go for it. Just be aware that some service shops, especially those that make their living by replacing fluids, might try to scare you with dire warnings that disaster is imminent unless you flush all your vehicle's fluids long before it is necessary.

Unless the manufacturer calls for it sooner, we would wait four or five years and have it done at the same time as other brake work, such as replacing pads or rotors. Replacing brake fluid is cheaper than replacing brake lines or a master cylinder that has corroded, so don't automatically dismiss the recommendation of a mechanic as just salesmanship.

And no matter who suggests fresh brake fluid, make sure they're replacing it with the type that is called for by the vehicle manufacturer. Some vehicles require DOT 3 fluid, others a different variety, such as DOT 5, so consult your owner's manual before you give the go ahead.

At Action Auto Llc. in Cortland, it is our mission to provide you with quality used cars. Since 1996 we have consistently made it our objective to treat each customer as we would a guest in our own home. This standard has allowed us the privilege to be repeatedly recognized by our customers and continued excellence in all areas of operation.

Whether you are pursuing the purchase of a Used Car or Used Truck, our vast inventory unites uncompromising quality. Take a detailed look at our selection online, and then feel free to schedule your test drive, request a quote, or e-mail the staff with any questions before your arrival to the dealership. When you’re ready, Action Auto Llc. Financial Services can help to give you quick credit approval, a trade-in value on your current vehicle or answer any financial questions you may have on the purchase of your next vehicle.

If your vehicle is in need of service, our trained technicians will take excellent care of your vehicle at our Service Center while you can relax in our customer lounge. So if you’re looking to find auto repair shop in Cortland, be sure to stop by!

All of these services and more are available at Action Auto Llc. serving Cortland, Ithaca, Dryden, Tully, Binghamton, Cicero and Syracuse, New York. If you’re looking for a used car dealer in the Cortland area, stop by our showroom and see what we have to offer!

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Action Auto in Cortland shares driving safety tips

Travel is almost always a part of the holidays – whether you’re taking your car across town or across the country to celebrate this holiday season, you need to do it safely! Often you’ll find yourself with a car full of family, friends, and pets, so we’re here to talk more about how to keep them safe out on the roads. Check out our Action Auto safe driving tips for pets and family!

We’ve got Cortland safe driving tips for your tiny passengers and four-legged friends!

safe driving tips

The first thing to remember is that yes, you’re heading for a fun and exciting destination. However, it’s important to be vigilant and use your defensive driving skills while you’re behind the wheel of your usedcar from Action Auto! The holidays mean more traffic out on the roads and possible winter weather, both of which can make it more dangerous to drive. Do away with distractions, make sure everyone is buckled up, and stay focused on the road at all time! Here are some more Cortland New York safe driving tips to see you through it!

  • Make sure everyone in the cabin of your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt, and make sure any carseats in the back are properly installed AND the right fit for your child. This is a huge part of safe driving, as an improperly installed carseat can have devastating consequences. If you have doubts, take your vehicle down to your local fire station or police station to have them check things out for you.

Buckle up your friends, family, AND pets for maximum safe driving!

  • Babyproof your car if you’re going to be taking smaller passengers along this holiday season! This means ensuring your child locks are on (so no curious passengers can open doors or windows without your permission), and that the backseat is clear of anything that could be considered dangerous (like small objects that can be choking hazards or anything sharp). 

Orlando Toyota pet safety tips

  • Another safe driving tip for holiday travels is to ensure your four-legged friends are comfortable. It’s best to crate your pets if you’re taking them in the car; this will make them feel more secure, and it’ll also keep them contained in the case of an accident. If nothing else, use a pet harness crafted for the car to keep them secure! You should also make sure they’re comfortable – provide them with blankets and toys to make them feel at home, and don’t forget to bring along water and snacks for them. Also, plan rest stops to let them stretch their legs and go to the bathroom, just like you would for humans!

Looking for a safe usedcar, usedtruck or usedSUV in Cortland? Come on down – we’re open six days a week at 3899 State Route 281!

Do different gas companies sell different gas

While all gas may perform the same in your car, gas suppliers use different formulas (and chemicals) to get there. 

Photo by frankieleon / Flickr

Question: Is Chevron gas different from ARCO gas?

Answer: Technically, the answer is yes. They are different. But their differences are not so dramatic to radically affect a car’s performance.

Every brand of gasoline has its own mix of detergents and stabilizers even though chemically, they may be very similar. The difference is like two different cups of coffee from the same coffee shop, they taste similar but not exactly the same.

According to the website Top Tier Gasoline, both ARCO and Chevron gases meet all of the requirements by automakers to perform in their vehicles as well as meet Top Tier’s specifications. These standards help carmakers and fuel suppliers continue to work together to satisfy engine needs and comply with government regulations. Imagine how inconvenient it might become if only certain cars could use certain company fuels?

Photo by SharonaGott / Flickr

However, gas makers do take different steps to get to the same final spot. ARCO uses one set of chemicals as a detergent in its gasoline blend while Chevron uses its patented additive named Techron for the same purpose.   

Both brands exceed the EPA standards, but, as with so many things, individual mileage may vary.

Higher Octanes

To make matters more confusing, like coffee, gasoline can come with varying amounts of octane. 

The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can undergo before it ignites. Typically, high performance engines require higher octane fuel. This helps create a smoother running engine. If the fuel has a low octane it may cause an engine’s cylinder to fire early, which people commonly refer to as engine knock. The more stable the fuel, the more controlled engine firing, and the fewer knocks.

Photo by Daniel Oines / Flickr

However, the octane levels of the different types of gas are regulated by state law, meaning all premiums or regulars are not created equal. For example, regular in Colorado is 85, but in most states it is 87. On the premium side, generally you can only get 91 in California, but 93 octane is available in other states.

You can learn how to change oil yourself!

Sometimes bringing your vehicle to get auto service in Cortland isn’t always an option for you. Whether you don’t have time or just can’t get there, we can help. Our Cortland Action Auto service technicians have step by step instructions on how to change oil yourself.

Figure out how to change oil yourself from our Action Auto techs!

How to change oil in Charlotte

Learning how to change oil is easy because there are only four steps!

Step #1: Buy and round up all the supplies you will need! To learn how to change oil in your car you will need:

  • 4-6 liters of oil. Double check to make sure you buy either the conventional or synthetic oil that owner’s manual specifies.
  • Socket wrench
  • Oil pan
  • Funnel
  • New oil filter and an oil filter wrench
  • Car jack

Step #2: Drain the old oil already in your car. To do this, lift up your car using a car jack. Once propped up safely, turn on your car so the oil can get warmed up and will come out easier. After a few minutes, turn the car off. Next, get underneath your vehicle and located the drain plug. Make sure the oil pan is on the ground, beneath the plug. Use your socket wrench to release the drain plug and let the old oil drain out into the pan.

Step #3: Replace your oil filter. During the 5-10 minutes it takes for the oil to drain, you have to change the oil filter. An oil filter should be replaced every time the oil is changed in a vehicle. Use the owner’s manual to find where the oil filter is located. Once you’ve found it, use the oil filter wrench to unscrew the old one. After disposing of the old oil filter, screw in the new one. If you want to, wipe a small amount of new oil around the gasket ring of the new oil filter. This ensures a tight seal and the car to run more efficiently!

Charlotte oil change

Car maintenance in Cortland is easy!

Step #4: You’re almost there! Replace the engine oil.  First, make sure you’ve placed the drain plug back in securely using the socket wrench. Once that is done, remove the oil cap located under the hood of the car. Using the funnel, pour the new oil in. After you’ve emptied the new oil into the car, check the dipstick to make sure there is enough oil. Put the cap back on, and you’re done!

Make sure to clean up and properly dispose of the old oil in the pan. Safely return your car to the ground and you’re good to go!

Congrats! You’ve learned how to change oil all by yourself!

It’s simple to learn how to change oil, but maybe it’s a little too much work for you. That’s fine! Bring your car in for a Cortland oil change and any routine car maintenance at our auto service center. If you’re looking for a great deal, we even offer Cortland oil change savings. Check-in with your Yelp phone app and save $$

Our Action Auto Service Center is located at 3899 State Route 281 Cortland NY 13045, just off of I-81 near Suny Cortland!

New center airbag protects against bumping heads

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 7.54.19 AM

The center airbag helps to prevent front-seat occupants from smashing into each other during side crashes.

ZF TRW’s new center airbag is one of those products you see and instantly think, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

It keeps the driver and front-seat occupant from smashing into each other when the car is hit from the side, helping to reduce trauma to the heads, shoulders and torso areas of the people up front.

Dirk Schultz, global engineering director for ZF TRW inflatable restraints systems, said in a press release that the risk to the front-seat passenger is "significant" when the car is hit from the side.

"Accident research shows that in the USA, nearly 30 percent of side impact fatalities involve far-side [passenger-side] events, and in Germany, nearly 30 percent of severely injured occupants in side crashes resulted from a far side collisions," he said.

The center airbags are not yet in production cars but Schultz said there is rising interest in the technology. The airbags also may get a boost from European car testing agency EuroNCAP, which is assessing new side impact test protocols for 2018 and beyond.

Question of the Day How far can you drive on E


Question: How far can you drive in an average car once the fuel gauge reaches E?

Answer: Some people – like hypermiler Wayne Gerdes – aren’t worried at all when their gas gauge reads “E”. The rest of us, however, should be more concerned.


So how far can you go on empty? Well, if you know the gas mileage your GM car gets and how much gas your tank holds, you don’t have to be Dr. Michio Kaku to figure it out. Multiply the total tank capacity by .08, then multiply that answer by the miles per gallon you car achieves.

There’s another way to estimate it. At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, fill up right away when your warning light goes on and note how much gas it takes to fill the tank. Then subtract that from the total tank capacity; the answer tells you how many gallons are left when the light goes on. If you multiply that by the miles per gallon your car gets, you’ll have a general idea.

Or if math’s not your thing, you could hop on the Internet and go to the website http://www.tankonempty.com and hope to find your car listed there. (Warning: The data displayed is crowdsourced, so mileage may vary.)

Some people post that there’s always more gas in the tank than the gauge indicates. McAllister politely disagrees, noting that GM has no interest in gas-gauge inaccuracy. “We always want to protect the consumer,” he says. “We’d never want to indicate more fuel than what’s in the vehicle. It’s a safety issue that we take very seriously.”


“When the low-fuel warning light goes on, we’re telling you it’s time to fill up,” he adds. “We don’t want to put you in situation where you can’t make it to the next fueling station. And if you wait until you’re on center-line E, then you could potentially put yourself in an unsafe situation.”

        One more note: Consistently running on empty sometimes can affect the longevity of a car’s fuel pump, which is usually located in the gas tank. How does that work? The fuel that surrounds the pump cools it. Running on empty runs the risk of breaking it.

        The bottom line? Don’t emulate Kramer in this classic Seinfeld episode. Instead, fill up when the warning light goes on and keep range anxiety at bay.

Kramer test drives car on Seinfeld

Hit the slopes in a new truck this year

Are you planning a ski trip and thinking about hitting the road instead of taking on the airport? If so, we have the perfect truck in Cortland for the job! Our trucks at Action Auto in Cortland are equipped with everything you need to get out on the slopes, and we’ve got them ready and waiting for you at our used car dealership in Central NY today. Come check them out and see if you should get behind the wheel for your holiday ski trip before you head out to the highway!

Get out of town for the ski trip of a lifetime in a truck from Action Auto!

fordblackXTR copy

Why our trucks are such a great option for your upcoming ski trip? Here are some of the features that put them at the top of our must-have list this holiday season!

Price: Skiing is an expensive hobby, even if you have all of your own gear. The Trucks at Action Auto in Cortland are affordably priced. You’ll have plenty of money left over for lift tickets and hot cocoa at the end of the day!

Space: Heading cross-country to get to the snow is a bit of a drive, so you want a spacious vehicle to get you there! You can seat up to five in the roomy Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks, as well as a spacious bed to ensure you can bring all of your ski and snowboarding gear along with you. The beds are equipped with tie-down cleats if you want to strap everything down and keep it all in place when you hit the highway! You’ll even be able to tow behind you if need be as most of the trucks are equipped with a tow package!

Performance: If you’re going skiing, it means you’re going to be taking on some winter weather. Be prepared before you drive into these conditions! These 4WD trucks  offer traction if your quest to find the best trails takes you off the pavement. You’ll also love how fuel efficient they are to save you big bucks!

Performance you need for winter weather!

chevybedliner copy

Technology:  Trucks at Action Auto Llc in Cortland are equipped with some features to stay connected behind the wheel? Stream your phone calls safely with Bluetooth technology. You’ll also be able to get turn-by-turn instructions to the slopes thanks to navigation, and have an extra set of eyes on your side with an integrated backup camera!

Are you ready to hit the slopes? Come on down and take these Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks for a spin – they're ready and waiting for you at our dealership! We’re open six days a week at 3899 State Route 281 Cortland NY 13045 (607) 758-7506!