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Have a plan to get home safe on New Year’s Eve

Safe Ride Home on New Year's Eve in Naperville, IL

Safe Ride Home on New Year’s Eve in Cortland, NY

New Year’s Eve is a many people’s favorite time of the holiday season. It’s a great chance to get together with friends and family and reminisce over the out-going year and get ready for the new challenges facing us in the next one. For those that plan on celebrating extra hard on the last night of 2015, it is important to have a safe ride home on New Year’s Eve in Cortland, NY. At the very least a decision can be made who will be the designated driver if multiple venues are a part of the festivities. Action Auto in Cortland wants to make sure everyone has a safe and fun night.

Taxi companies in Cortland, NY

  • American Taxi
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  • Cortland Taxi-Silver Star Taxi
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  • Dave's Taxi
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  • Gerry's Taxi
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  • Gene's Taxi
    3989 Taylor Valley Road, Cincinnatus, NY (607) 745-7869
  • Jay's Taxi
    3960 US Route 11, Cortland, NY (607) 756-5152
  • Martin's Taxi
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  • Rockin Robbin Taxi
    31 Central Ave, Cortland, NY (607) 345-0089
  • Steve's Taxi
    Cortland, NY (607) 753-8294
Sober ride home in Naperville on New Years Eve
Cab companies to use for New Year's Eve

How do I call an Uber?

If your plans for New Year’s Eve plan to take you into Syracuse and you don’t want to pay for a hotel, you have the option to call an Uber ride. This service uses people with approved cars to come and pick you and your party up and bring you to where you need to go. The service offers various levels of luxury as well as the potential to have larger vehicles for larger groups.

Are you a first time Uber user?

  • Before you go out: Download the Uber application from the Apple App Store or Android Play. It may be helpful to fill out your credit card information at this point.
  • When you need to be picked up: Open the app and the GPS on the phone will give you are starting point. Then simply enter the address of your destination. At this point you will given an estimate of how much the ride will cost. You also have the option of electronically splitting the cost of the ride with other people in your party with the Uber app downloaded.

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Do different gas companies sell different gas

While all gas may perform the same in your car, gas suppliers use different formulas (and chemicals) to get there. 

Photo by frankieleon / Flickr

Question: Is Chevron gas different from ARCO gas?

Answer: Technically, the answer is yes. They are different. But their differences are not so dramatic to radically affect a car’s performance.

Every brand of gasoline has its own mix of detergents and stabilizers even though chemically, they may be very similar. The difference is like two different cups of coffee from the same coffee shop, they taste similar but not exactly the same.

According to the website Top Tier Gasoline, both ARCO and Chevron gases meet all of the requirements by automakers to perform in their vehicles as well as meet Top Tier’s specifications. These standards help carmakers and fuel suppliers continue to work together to satisfy engine needs and comply with government regulations. Imagine how inconvenient it might become if only certain cars could use certain company fuels?

Photo by SharonaGott / Flickr

However, gas makers do take different steps to get to the same final spot. ARCO uses one set of chemicals as a detergent in its gasoline blend while Chevron uses its patented additive named Techron for the same purpose.   

Both brands exceed the EPA standards, but, as with so many things, individual mileage may vary.

Higher Octanes

To make matters more confusing, like coffee, gasoline can come with varying amounts of octane. 

The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can undergo before it ignites. Typically, high performance engines require higher octane fuel. This helps create a smoother running engine. If the fuel has a low octane it may cause an engine’s cylinder to fire early, which people commonly refer to as engine knock. The more stable the fuel, the more controlled engine firing, and the fewer knocks.

Photo by Daniel Oines / Flickr

However, the octane levels of the different types of gas are regulated by state law, meaning all premiums or regulars are not created equal. For example, regular in Colorado is 85, but in most states it is 87. On the premium side, generally you can only get 91 in California, but 93 octane is available in other states.

Question of the Day How far can you drive on E


Question: How far can you drive in an average car once the fuel gauge reaches E?

Answer: Some people – like hypermiler Wayne Gerdes – aren’t worried at all when their gas gauge reads “E”. The rest of us, however, should be more concerned.


So how far can you go on empty? Well, if you know the gas mileage your GM car gets and how much gas your tank holds, you don’t have to be Dr. Michio Kaku to figure it out. Multiply the total tank capacity by .08, then multiply that answer by the miles per gallon you car achieves.

There’s another way to estimate it. At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, fill up right away when your warning light goes on and note how much gas it takes to fill the tank. Then subtract that from the total tank capacity; the answer tells you how many gallons are left when the light goes on. If you multiply that by the miles per gallon your car gets, you’ll have a general idea.

Or if math’s not your thing, you could hop on the Internet and go to the website http://www.tankonempty.com and hope to find your car listed there. (Warning: The data displayed is crowdsourced, so mileage may vary.)

Some people post that there’s always more gas in the tank than the gauge indicates. McAllister politely disagrees, noting that GM has no interest in gas-gauge inaccuracy. “We always want to protect the consumer,” he says. “We’d never want to indicate more fuel than what’s in the vehicle. It’s a safety issue that we take very seriously.”


“When the low-fuel warning light goes on, we’re telling you it’s time to fill up,” he adds. “We don’t want to put you in situation where you can’t make it to the next fueling station. And if you wait until you’re on center-line E, then you could potentially put yourself in an unsafe situation.”

        One more note: Consistently running on empty sometimes can affect the longevity of a car’s fuel pump, which is usually located in the gas tank. How does that work? The fuel that surrounds the pump cools it. Running on empty runs the risk of breaking it.

        The bottom line? Don’t emulate Kramer in this classic Seinfeld episode. Instead, fill up when the warning light goes on and keep range anxiety at bay.

Kramer test drives car on Seinfeld

Test-Driving a New Car Don’t Do These Five Things

test drive the vehicle you plan to buy

Next time you take a test drive, make sure you maximize the value of your time in the car by following this advice.

1. Don’t listen to music.

…at least not during the drive. A friend who is a car salesman said he knows he has a better chance at selling a car when the first thing a customer does is turn on the music. If you do that, it means you’re more focused on the emotions of the car and not testing its real-world drivability. Plus, music can drown out other things that might show up only after you make the purchase.

2. Don’t follow a pre-set route.

Salespeople love to get in the car with you for the drive. Feel free to request a drive by yourself or with your honey if you’re shopping together. Ask the salesperson to stay behind. He or she may not agree, in which case you should take the car on a route that closely resembles your daily drive, while being sure to test it in other common traffic conditions. Make sure you get on the highway for a few miles, and make sure you experience some city driving. Dealers like to take customers on a set route, but that might not mirror your driving needs.

3. Don’t ignore the technology.

Before your drive, spend a few minutes getting to know the car’s infotainment control systems. If adjusting the air conditioning or selecting your iPhone for music requires enough button combinations to launch a missile, the frustration level in the future might be too high. Remember, though: Leave the music off while you drive.

4. Don’t ignore safety features.

If the car has blind-spot monitoring, lane-departure warning, a back-up camera, or other safety systems, make sure you use them during the drive to get familiar with their operation. Also, don’t be afraid to give the car’s acceleration and brakes a few hard tests. If the salesperson is with you, warn him or her before stomping on the brakes, though.

5. Don’t forget about the trunk.

Open up all the storage areas and verify that there’s enough room for the stuff you plan to haul with you. If you’re shopping for a 3-row SUV, put up the third row of seats and see if there’s still enough room for a large grocery run. Odds are good that you’ll eventually have a carload of kids and a full cart from Costco that will all need to comfortably fit.

Do you think test drives should last longer?

Thanksgiving Safe Driving Tips

Thanksgiving Safe Driving Tips from our Action Auto Service Team!

Thanksgiving2015! A wonderful day to spend it with your dear family and friends. Not to mention all of the decadent and savory foods you’ll get to binge on! Where will you be spending your Thanksgiving? Did you know that Thanksgiving week is one of the busiest traveling weeks of the year in the U.S.? Our Action Auto Service team in Cortland wants to ensure you and your family are safe on the road on the way to your destination! That’s why we have put together some safe driving tips for you and your family to arrive safe and sound in order to have a fun-filled Thanksgiving holiday!

Practice safe driving on your road trip on Thanksgiving!

Orlando Toyota Service safe driving tips

Before you head out of town, make sure your car is safe and reliable; especially if you plan on heading out of New York and into some extreme weather conditions! Bring your car into our Action Auto Service Center in Cortland to have a overall check up, or fix any small issues. The last thing you’d want is to get stuck with a problematic car on Thanksgiving weekend.

Our Action Auto Service team in Cortland share 5 safe driving tips for Thanksgiving!

When you bring your car to our Cortland Service Center you can have your car inspected inside and out! One of our certified technicians can ensure that your car is ready to hit the road! Then, use safe driving tips from our Action Auto Service Team in Cortland to get to the destination quickly while making the journey enjoyable!

  1. Plan a route and plan an alternative route! The roads will be crowded. You may be stuck for a while. If you plan an alternate route you have other escape routes from the traffic. Our Action Auto Service department also recommend using a navigation system if you have one. They are able to determine the quickest routes with traffic updates.
  2. Fuel up! We know you’re hurrying to get on the road to shave off as much time as possible! However, with traffic you might be doing a bit of stopping and going. Make sure you get gas before you head out. Don’t be stranded without gas on the side of the road.
  3. The most popular days to travel are Thanksgiving Eve and the Sunday after Thanksgiving. If you want to ensure you have a tranquil and safe driving experience, then we suggest alternative days to travel. However, if that’s not an option, plan on leaving really early or really late in order to avoid heavy loads of cars.
  4. Practice defensive driving! There’ll be plenty of tired and reckless drivers out on the road. Protect you and your family with your safe driving techniques. Use defensive driving when you see dangerous driving on the road. Thanksgiving Turkey
  5. One safe driving technique you should always use is to avoid being distracted! Put anything that might deter your attention away. Have a co-captain to help you control the navigation system, music and phone.

Our Action Auto Service Department wants to wish you and your family a very happy and warm Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving travel Best and worst times to drive


Beware the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So says an analysis from Waze, the popular navigation app, which found that users on that day in 2014 reported an increase of 323% in jams, 112% in accidents, 79.8% in hazards and 100.2% in police alerts.

Waze used sessions from Thanksgiving 2014 drivers to pinpoint the most challenging times. Here's what a week of traffic across the country looked like:

Tuesday (11/24/2014): Peak traffic from 4-8 p.m. Huge increase in usage starting from 1 p.m. until the end of the day, fewer users than usual in the morning.         
Wednesday: Peak from 3-7 p.m. Large increase in usage starting from 11:00 till the end of the day, fewer users than usual in the morning. Also an increase of 62.9% in accident alerts, 38.6% in police alerts and 31.3% in hazards.
Thursday: Behavior similar to a weekend day and not a work day.
Friday: Behavior similar to a weekend day and not a work day.        
Saturday: Small increase in usage.        
Sunday: Peak traffic from 1-6 p.m. Entire day is above average.        
Monday: Increase in usage in late morning, attributed to people going to work later than usual.

The obvious conclusion is that a Thursday-Friday itinerary is your best bet for minimal traffic and hazards. But even if you have to travel on the peak days -- the Wednesday before and Sunday after -- you can save time on the road by adjusting your departure time.

No matter when you drive, make sure your car is prepared, that you're awake and alert, and treat your fellow drivers with courtesy. 

Safe driving Thanksgiving tips from Action Auto

defensive_driving    Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! If you’re still figuring out your dinner plans –now is the time! There are a ton of preparations to make when getting ready for Thanksgiving; including making sure your car is in tiptop Thanksgiving shape as well as preparing yourself to drive on Turkey Day. For a special Thanksgiving, follow these auto service and safe driving tips from Action Auto in Cortland!

Have your Action Auto vehicle serviced with us!

Before you set out on the road for a day full of food and family, bring your car or truck to our auto service center for a safety inspection. Our expert auto technicians will go over your vehicle and look parts like:

  • Brakes – For quicker and more reliable stops in case a rogue turkey steps out in front of you suddenly.
  • Windshield wipers –Maximum visibility is crucial while driving on a night when there are a lot of people traveling on the road.
  • Headlights, taillights, brake lights and turn indicators –You want other drivers to see you as much as you want to see them on the road!
  • Battery –Don’t get stranded and miss the stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey. Get your car battery checked for enough juice!
  • Tires –Keep safe traction on the road while transporting precious cargo like fresh apple and pumpkin pies or a golden brown roasted turkey.

It’s crucial that all of these things be serviced before you head out for a day of thankfulness and great eats, because it is important for the safety of you, your passengers and those around you on Thanksgiving day.

Use these safe driving tips for Thanksgiving!

No matter how good of a driver you are, it’s always important to get a refresher on safe driving for a day that will be filled with a lot of travelers, late nights and a lot of possible distractions. 

For a safer November 26, use these safe driving tips while behind the wheel of your Action Auto used car.

  • Don’t forget to turn on the headlights on as soon as it becomes dusk. For a better lit pathway and so commuters can see you coming –make sure your headlights are on!
  • Slow down! Safe driving includes abiding by the speed limit and decreasing your speeds at pedestrian crossings as well as on residential streets.
  • Obey stop signs and other road rules. Come to a complete stop at a stop sign and check your surroundings fully before driving through an intersection.
  • Avoid distracted driving completely. For safe driving on Thanksgiving, keep your cell phone out of sight and out of reach while you’re behind the wheel of your Action Auto used car. It’s best to reduce the amount of passengers in your vehicle as well as avoiding doing tasks like eating, drinking or grooming.

Action Auto in Cortland wants to remind you to have a safe Thanksgiving and to NEVER drink and drive. If you’ve been drinking, call a cab or have a friend drive you home.

Avoid distracted driving with Action Auto tips!

Have you ever engaged in distracted driving? You may have done it without even realizing it, and that's what makes it all the more dangerous. This hazardous practice causes thousands of car accidents every year, and the worst part is that it's easily preventable! Action Auto is here to explain exactly what distracted driving is and how you can avoid engaging in it, keeping your drive time as safe as possible for you and your passengers. Let's get started! 

Clermont Toyota safety tips 

What is distracted driving? 

Distracted driving is exactly what it sounds like - driving while you're distracted. However, the definition encompasses a lot of things, some that you may not even think twice about doing when you're behind the wheel of your new preowned car from Action Auto. They include: 

  • Eating or drinking while you're driving 
  • Putting on makeup or brushing your hair 
  • Changing radio stations or adjusting the music
  • Talking on the phone
  • Texting while driving 
  • Taking your eyes off the road to talk to other passengers
  • Fiddling with the navigation system or your GPS, or reading a map
  • Looking at a magazine or book, or watching a video 

And more. Basically, performing any task that takes your attention away from driving your new Action Auto car near Cortland is considered to be distracted driving, and can be extremely dangerous to you, your passengers, and other vehicles and drivers on the road! 

distracted driving 

Stop distracted driving with our Action Auto safety tips! 

However, sometimes it's difficult to do away with the things that cause distracted driving in the first place, and that's where our used car dealership dealership in Cortland comes into play. We've got tips to help you stay focused when you're behind the wheel of your car! 

  • Pull over to eat your lunch - don't eat it behind the wheel of your new preowned car from Action Auto, as it can be distracting (and messy)! 
  • Put on your makeup and do your hair before you leave the house! It's better to be a bit late to work than to get into a car accident because of distracted driving. 
  • Hide your cell phone. If it's out of sight, you're less likely to check it or even think about it. If you really need to take a phone call, utilize the steering wheel controls and Bluetooth wireless streaming that so many of our preowned cars in Cortland offer. 
  • DO NOT TEXT behind the wheel! Texting while driving is even more dangerous than drinking while driving. If you HAVE to send a text pull over and park your vehicle, or have a passenger send it for you. NEVER text when behind the wheel of your new car from Action Auto!
  • Limit the number of passengers you drive around if you find yourself being distracted by them! 
  • Use the voice-command controls to activate and use the navigation in your new car or truck, or pre-program your route before you hit the road!

Why is My Gas Mileage so Bad

Why is My Gas Mileage so Bad?

Is your vehicle not living up to the promises made on its window sticker? Do your real-world miles per gallon look like the prices on a fast-food value menu? If fuel economy is falling short here are some possible culprits and a few solutions to maximize your MPG.

Speed Kills … Efficiency

Slow Down

If your mileage is off, one of the easiest things you can do to remedy this situation is modify your behavior. Going full-throttle at every green light or driving 20 MPH faster than the highway speed limit can have a devastating impact on your fuel consumption. Slow down, take a breath and watch your efficiency improve.

The national speed limit used to be 55 miles an hour for a reason, even if most people hated the legislation and everyone ignored it. This restriction, on paper at least, saved fuel by allowing vehicles to operate in their most efficient speed range. If you’re not in a rush it’s something you can still do today.


Cruise Control

And if you’re zipping down the interstate, taking advantage of cruise control can also improve your vehicle’s efficiency. These computer-operated systems adjust throttle inputs more finely and accurately than a human ever can, keeping you right at the set speed. And when you’re running at a constant velocity you’re far less likely to exceed the limit, something that also improves economy.

Weight Watcher

Weight Loss

Obviously another way of upping the MPG is to reduce weight. But before you bust out a hack saw or plasma torch there’s an easier way.

Automakers fight to trim fractions of a gram from their cars and trucks, so why do you have 250 pounds of stuff in the back of your vehicle? Removing superfluous junk can improve economy, especially if you’re a pack rat, hoarder or have been living in your car. By all means keep an emergency kit with a flashlight, jumper cables and other essentials, but try to ditch the bags of sidewalk salt and dumbbells you’ve kept back there for the last two presidential-election cycles.

Pay Attention

Pay Attention

If you see that a traffic light is about to change up ahead don’t charge at it and the slam on the brakes at the last possible moment. If you back off the accelerator early your vehicle will gradually slow down, minimizing any fuel being burned. And who knows; if you’re particularly observant – or lucky – the light might even turn green right as you arrive at the intersection. Preserving momentum is a key to reducing fuel consumption.

Avoid Idling

Avoid Idling

It should go without saying, when a vehicle’s engine is running it’s also consuming fuel. Just because you’re cold or your favorite Taylor Swift song is playing on the radio is no excuse for keeping those cylinders blazing away. If you can muster the courage, switch the ignition into accessory mode. This kills the engine but still allows you to listen to music or receive a limited amount of heat in frigid weather before the cooling system reaches ambient temperature. Shutting things down when not needed can save you big money.Why is My Gas Mileage so Bad?

Regular Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Modern cars and trucks are marvels of engineering. They’re capable of racking up hundreds of thousands of miles over decades of faithful service, all while delivering impressive efficiency and the creature comforts of a living room.

But maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle running its best and minimizing fuel consumption. It may not seem like that big a deal but stay on top of oil changes, replace the air filter when necessary and throw some fuel-system cleaner in the tank every now and then. These little tricks will go a long way to boosting your mileage, though as always it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Under Pressure

Tire Pressure

Tires are perhaps the most overlooked parts on a car, though they’re certainly one the most important. Remember, they’re the only components that ever touch the road, or at least they should be. Running over- or as is more likely the case, under-inflated rubbers is not just bad for fuel economy and the tires themselves but it’s also a safety issue.

Not having enough air in them increases rolling resistance, friction and causes excess heat to build up, which can have a detrimental effect on their longevity. Keep a gauge handy and try to check your vehicle’s tire pressure at least once a month.

Octane Angst

Octane Angst

It’s a myth that running premium fuel will improve your car or truck’s performance or mileage. Octane is merely a measure of gasoline’s resistance to igniting under pressure. If your vehicle calls for regular-grade fuel putting race gas in the tank isn’t going to do anything other than cost you more.

If the manufacturer recommends or requires premium, by all means fill it up with high-test stuff. These powerplants are designed to take advantage of the extra octane. Running insufficient fuel can impact performance, economy and could even cause pricey internal damage. In short, follow the manufacturer’s fuel recommendation but don’t exceed it unnecessarily.

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Whether you are pursuing the purchase of a Used Car or Used Truck, our vast inventory unites uncompromising quality. Take a detailed look at our selection online, and then feel free to schedule your test drive, request a quote, or e-mail the staff with any questions before your arrival to the dealership. When you’re ready, Action Auto Llc. Financial Services can help to give you quick credit approval, a trade-in value on your current vehicle or answer any financial questions you may have on the purchase of your next vehicle.
If your vehicle is in need of service, our trained technicians will take excellent care of your vehicle at our Service Center while you can relax in our customer lounge. So if you’re looking to find auto repair shop in Cortland, be sure to stop by!
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