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Hit the slopes in a new truck this year

Are you planning a ski trip and thinking about hitting the road instead of taking on the airport? If so, we have the perfect truck in Cortland for the job! Our trucks at Action Auto in Cortland are equipped with everything you need to get out on the slopes, and we’ve got them ready and waiting for you at our used car dealership in Central NY today. Come check them out and see if you should get behind the wheel for your holiday ski trip before you head out to the highway!

Get out of town for the ski trip of a lifetime in a truck from Action Auto!

fordblackXTR copy

Why our trucks are such a great option for your upcoming ski trip? Here are some of the features that put them at the top of our must-have list this holiday season!

Price: Skiing is an expensive hobby, even if you have all of your own gear. The Trucks at Action Auto in Cortland are affordably priced. You’ll have plenty of money left over for lift tickets and hot cocoa at the end of the day!

Space: Heading cross-country to get to the snow is a bit of a drive, so you want a spacious vehicle to get you there! You can seat up to five in the roomy Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks, as well as a spacious bed to ensure you can bring all of your ski and snowboarding gear along with you. The beds are equipped with tie-down cleats if you want to strap everything down and keep it all in place when you hit the highway! You’ll even be able to tow behind you if need be as most of the trucks are equipped with a tow package!

Performance: If you’re going skiing, it means you’re going to be taking on some winter weather. Be prepared before you drive into these conditions! These 4WD trucks  offer traction if your quest to find the best trails takes you off the pavement. You’ll also love how fuel efficient they are to save you big bucks!

Performance you need for winter weather!

chevybedliner copy

Technology:  Trucks at Action Auto Llc in Cortland are equipped with some features to stay connected behind the wheel? Stream your phone calls safely with Bluetooth technology. You’ll also be able to get turn-by-turn instructions to the slopes thanks to navigation, and have an extra set of eyes on your side with an integrated backup camera!

Are you ready to hit the slopes? Come on down and take these Ford, Chevy and Ram trucks for a spin – they're ready and waiting for you at our dealership! We’re open six days a week at 3899 State Route 281 Cortland NY 13045 (607) 758-7506!

When is a used car too old to buy

While you’re out car shopping, you probably have a couple of things on your mind like wants and needs in a car. These things usually include: fuel efficiency, seating capacity, safety features and more. If you’re looking for a used car with these factors in mind, there is something else you should think about too! When shopping for a used car in Cortland, you should think about the age of the car. How old is too old?

What is the cutoff age for buying a used car?

Used car shopping tips

It’s more reassuring to buy a brand new car from this year, but sometimes it’s not always in the budget for a new car. Buying a Cortland used car isn’t unsafe, but the older the car is the more likely it is to need auto repairs sooner. While there isn’t an exact age for a car, you shouldn’t buy an older pre-owned car if it will not be what you need or it will cost you more in repairs than you paid for it. If you’re thinking about purchasing a used car in Cortland that’s up there in age, make sure you consider these factors before buying:


As a car ages, it tends to become less reliable as parts and components wear out or malfunction. When you purchase a car, you need a vehicle that will be reliable and will get you where you need to go. If you purchase a used vehicle that is aged, make sure it will be reliable enough to not leave you stranded. If the car has FACTORY WARRANTY left.

Toyota of Clermont


Ask the seller for carfax records. To make sure the car has been maintained well, check the service records for routine car maintenance. Check the CARFAX REPORT for any accidents or previous damage. A car that hasn’t been neglected when it comes to years of auto service, is more likely to last longer and be more reliable for you.


Often times, manufacturers discontinue a model of car. Fortunately, when they cancel the manufacturing of a car, they continue to make parts for it for years afterwards. If the Cortland used car you’re thinking about purchasing has been discontinued for a number of years it may prove difficult to find manufacturer parts for it.

Safety and Technology

Safety and convenience features in vehicles get updated and improved every year. If you’re looking at an older used car in Cortland, it may not have all of the high tech features you need like MP3 playing or wireless phone capabilities. Safety systems are always being upgraded to keep the driver and passengers safe. If you want the latest and greatest when it comes to entertainment and safety features, you may want to purchase a newer used vehicle.

Buy a pre-owned car from Action Auto of Cortland!

If you have apprehensions about buying a used car, visit our pre-owned car dealership! Our friendly sales associates can help you find a safe and reliable ride. All of our used vehicles on the lot have been put through a thorough safety inspection and even come with a FREE vehicle history report. You can rest easy knowing you’ve bought a trusty used car in Cortland. Visit our REVIEWS to see what others are saying about Action Auto Llc

Action Auto new car shopping tips to save time!

Are you about to start shopping for a new car and already dreading the drain on your time the experience is going to present? Action Auto in Cortland is here to help! At our dealership, we put a lot of precedence on ensuring that your shopping experience with us is efficient and quick - we want to find you the new car  of your dreams, but we also want to get you in and out the door as fast as possible because we know your time is valuable. That's why we've come up with a list of Action Auto tips to save time when car shopping! 

save time car shopping 

How should you prep for new car shopping? 

The first thing to do when shopping for a new car in Cortland is to do a bit of online prep work BEFORE you come to the dealership! Here are some of our top Action Auto tips for your preparation: 

  • Make a list of the qualities you HAVE to have in your car - think about things like fuel efficiency, interior space, and performance capabilities. 
  • Make a secondary list of qualities you would LIKE in your car but don't necessarily have to have, like technology or style elements. 
  • Do research about the models you're interested in. Narrow it down to a few choices to make your Action Auto test drive quicker than ever! 
  • Did you know you can scout our inventory and specials right here on our website? Once you have your price and monthly payments nailed down - as in what you can afford - check out our deals in Cortland to see which vehicles fall into your scope! 

Next, think about what time you want to visit the dealership! Our Action Auto Used car dealership tends to be quieter in the mornings on weekdays; business really picks up at night and on the weekends, so if you prefer a new car shopping experience with less foot traffic around, think about what time you want to visit the store!


Be sure to call ahead when shopping for a new vehicle! 

Make an appointment. Call ahead and talk to one of our sales specialists at Action Auto in Cortland. Schedule a time to meet with a product sales specialist so you can take a test drive, explore our inventory, and ask any questions you might have! 

Make sure you bring your checklist with you! You'll want it during your test drive so you can make sure the new car or truck you're considering has all the qualities you need, as well as most of the ones you want. It'll also help you trim down the competition further, as our sales specialists can use it to find the best trim-level and accessories for your requirements! 

Ready to make an appointment for your Action Auto test drive? Call us today - we're open six days a week at (607) 758-7506, and we're waiting to get you behind the wheel of the new car or truck of your dreams! 

Ride into the Holidays in a Cortland used car!

With Halloween behind us the other holidays are quickly approaching. Thanksgiving and Christmas are sure to sneak upon you! Are you planning on a going away for the holidays? Make you take a reliable ride on your trip! Whether you’re visiting grandma’s house or going to escape the New York cold, take an Cortland used car that will make the journey more enjoyable. We know that Holiday shopping may get in the way of getting a new car. That’s why you’ll find awesome and affordable options at our used car dealership in Cortland.

At our Cortland used dealership you’ll come across a wide selection of makes and models. You’ll be able to find the ideal ride for you to take on your holiday trip, regardless of how far it may be! Check out some of our great Cortland used car options!

Make your holidays special in a used car in Cortland

So what kind of trip are you taking? Will you be taking a romantic getaway with the significant other, a family vacation or an extended road trip? Check out what cars we chose to take on a trip!

Romantic Getaway 

If you’re planning on taking a romantic getaway take a car that is as cozy as your trip will be. The used 2014 Chevrolet Captiva Sport LTZ (stk #: 612793) is a great option! You’ll surely make an impression and give your special someone a great preview of what your trip will be like. The Captiva Sport LTZ provides a comprehensive range of features and amenities. Navigation, Heated Leather seats, Power Sunroof, Bluetooth and more! Get behind this nice ride for just $18,995*!

Family Fun Trip 

Will you be visiting the relatives and taking the kids on a fun winter trip? Then you won’t find a better ride than the used 2014 Subaru Outback Premium with only 11,000 miles (stk #: 315556)! This ride has ample space and power to get you where you need to go comfortably and in a timely manner. With it's nice seating capacity you’ll be able to fit the family, bags and gifts! You won’t be hearing the words “are we there yet?” But not to worry! The 2014 Subaru Outback is considered a Top Safety Pick! Get your family in a safe car for just $25,495*!

Have a jolly holiday in an Cortland used car!Holiday car shopping

Long Road Trip 

Are you gathering your best friends and going on a fun road trip? We have a ride that’s spacious, fuel efficient and affordable! The used 2015 Hyundai Sonata SE Sedan (stk #:038640)! This car has an impressive gas mileage of 25 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway! Everyone will have room to ride in this used Hyundai Sonata! There’s enough seating for 5 and plenty cargo space! Don’t waste time and take this affordable Cortland used car for a low price of $15,495*!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry to Action Auto of Cortland to get behind the wheel of the ideal ride for the Holidays!

At Action Auto Llc. in Cortland, it is our mission to provide you with quality used cars. Since 1996 we have consistently made it our objective to treat each customer as we would a guest in our own home. This standard has allowed us the privilege to be repeatedly recognized by our customers and continued excellence in all areas of operation.

Whether you are pursuing the purchase of a Used Car or Used Truck, our vast inventory unites uncompromising quality. Take a detailed look at our selection online, and then feel free to schedule your test drive, request a quote, or e-mail the staff with any questions before your arrival to the dealership. When you’re ready, Action Auto Llc. Financial Services can help to give you quick credit approval, a trade-in value on your current vehicle or answer any financial questions you may have on the purchase of your next vehicle.
If your vehicle is in need of service, our trained technicians will take excellent care of your vehicle at our Service Center while you can relax in our customer lounge. So if you’re looking to find auto repair shop in Cortland, be sure to stop by!
All these services and more are available at Action Auto Llc. serving Cortland, Ithaca, Dryden, Tully, Binghamton,  Cicero and Syracuse, New York. If you’re looking for a used car dealer in the Cortland area, stop by our showroom and see what we have to offer! 
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